January 2012 Favourites!


YUP! LATE AND ALL, BUT HERE IT IS! My (delayed) January Favourites! XD

As you can see, I got a little overboard with it. Don't judge! :P

And most of the products are local products.. So, apologies for my international readers. :*

Anywho, here we go.. :)

1. Pond's Clear Solutions Antibacterial Facial Scrub w/ Herbal Clay

- I tried the gray one (with glacial clay.. I think) but I find this more effective. :)

2. Myra Facial Moisturizer

- Light and non-greasy, dries easily, doesn't make my face oilier than it is. YAY!

3. White Rain Hairspray and Mousse

- Bye bye flat hair! Bye bye flyaways! Repurchase? Yes!

4. Marrionnaud brushes

- doesn't bleed, doesn't shed, perfect density and length. I seriously need to buy more of these. :D

5. Ever Bilena Mousse Bluch-on in Rose Pink

- Can you say shocker? Awesome pigmentation, super blendability and  buildability, perfect colour, affordable price and weightless feel? This definitely makes me want more mousse products, Ever Bilena or not. And I can also use it as a lip product! Cool~! ^___^

6. Maybelline New York Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry and Energizing Orange

- best lip balms I've ever tried. Period. Rejuvenated Lips in one week? Real deal. Definitely gonna stock up on this one. ;) But I wish the pigmented ones will reach the Philippines shores.. *sigh*

7. San San Pressed Powder in Shade 03

- Color match? Awesome Sponge? Silky Texture? Mirror? CHECK! I tried it out for the hell of it and ended up loving it. And I got it one sale!!! Oh yes. :D

8. Allue My First.. Glam Rock Eye Colour Contact in Rocking Trio

- Deep pan of product? Versatile? Cool names? Allue has got it all! So far, I'm aiming to buy all trios. :D

9. Allue MyFirst... Girl Next Door Eyeshadow Duo in Golden Glaze

- my neutral eyeday eye go-to product. A bit chalky and not too pigmented, but it does the job, so hey, who am I to complain?? :P

10. Nichido True Colors Collection Eyeshadow in Raisin Wine

- amps up my neutral eye and contours my face plus a light sweep over my blush gives me an awesome glow. I'm amazed I haven't used it all up! :D

11. Maybelline New York Clear Smooth All in one Shine Free Cake Powder in Honey 04

- I've hit pan in less than a month though not because I've used it all up. It's hollow! But I still love the coverage it gave me. I have another one in the shade Natural which is from Majo, a very good friend of mine, and as it's too light for me, I use it as a setting powder.. :)

12. ELF Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo in Black

- one coat=naturally defined, two coats=definition without clumps, three coats=drama without the falsie effect. Nuff said.

13. Apollo Pure Petroleum Jelly

- my holy grail all-around product since childhood. Used it, uses it, will use it. Nothing really beats this. I've tried other brands, but I still go back to this one. :D

14. Palmolive Shampoo and Conditioner (the hot fuchsia pink for lifeless hair)

- Since i forgot to take a picture of this one, I just decided to insert this.. lol. I am seriously loving this shampoo and conditioner, and I just love the smell... Sweet, sweet roses.. *sigh* Valentine's Day just got a lot better. (What? I don't expect roses!) :D

15. San San Lip Plumper in #02

- just the right amount of tingle and shine w/ awesome color and moisturization. Comparable to the Maybelline Fruity Jelly glosses w/ added bonus! Repurchase? Yes please!

16. San San Matte Liquid Foundation in Shade 03

- My first liquid foundation, and I love how it matches my skin tone and covers up my blemishes really well. Now I need a good primer. LOL. XD

17. San San Creamy Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout

- My first matte lipstick did not disappoint. No shimmers! :D More colours please! The colour really flatters me and though it's kinda dark, it still looks natural... Matte effect? Not soo much, but with a bit of powder, it's ready to go! :D

18. Allue My First... Creamy Lip Colour in Sophia

- four colours for PhP55.00? Bargain. Four for 55 in awesome colours? Wow. Four for 55 w/ awesome colours + moisture + buildability  + compact? Perfect.

Yup. Got a bit carried away with my first ever favourites... Gonna do reviews on a few items too! :D

That's that, and have an awesome February! (Like the one I'm having right now!) :)

Hugs, Nessa :*

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