I'm back! Ohmygosh, I missed blogging so much! I've been meaning to post and post this year (as part of my new year resolution) but apparently, time isn't cooperating with meee! Aside from endless exams and projects, our very awesome teachers also gave us numerous topics to report (mainly because they're training us for college..? well that's what they say anyway.)

Anywho, here's a blog post that didn't require too much drama (i mean, no pictures or anything.. believe me, not having my own camera now sucks big time.).

Here goes!

by: Nessa

I know, I know, I'm kinda waaaayyy too excited for college, but hey, it's gonna be a wild new Space Shuttle ride for  me (too bad I didn't get the chance to.. well I did but ANYWAY.)!

Most of these were actually reminders from my Papa, my Grandma, and basically everyone at home, and I've been meaning and meaning to keep it in mind but me being me, trusting everyone in my ever constant surroundings, forget to. Oh well. But it's time to change, since college is a whole new world. ;)

I was actually assigned to write this article for our schoolpaper, but I wanted to share it all with you. :*

Okay okay. Enough blabbing.

1. Punctuality.

This matters more than attendance in college (from what I've heard or read, don't kill me!). Some professors even have rules for this ie "Be on time or don't come at all.". It also shows that you care about your academics and grades -- even if you really don't.

2. Be Street Wise.

Some colleges or universities have a maze of their campus (Bulacan State University, anyone?) and some even need the use of vehicles to go to and fro one building to another (think Ikot jeeps from University of the Philippines)! Take time to learn your way around and the fare you need (if needed) before your actual classes. And be alert! You never know, that cutie who chats you up just may not be just checking you out. Keep everything your parents tell you about strangers (yup, the don't talk to strangers, don't take food from strangers, blah blah blah.). We know that we're college people for heaven's sake, but our parents have been there and back, so they really do know what they're saying, whether we like it or not. And please keep an eye on your valuables. Thank you.

3. Be organized.

If you'll be living in a dorm like most college students, you'll probably have a roommate (unless you're super rich and super independent and super brave that you can live totally on your own.). Now, no matter how innocent and sweet and kind your roomie may be, it's still better to be safe than sorry. Cliche reminders are there for a reason, you know? Keep your things organized and itemized -- especially valuables such as jewelry, money and gadgets. Use lock and key if opted.

4. Time Management.

The eternal rule of the world. College isn't high school, you won't be sitting in one room for a whole day (unless that'd what your schedule is), so there's not really much time to cram. Do tasks as soon as you can, even if the deadline looks like eons away. Remember, time flies when unnoticed.

5. Plan ahead of time.

This is kinda a spin-off from the last two numbers, but this is too important not to be separately written. The success of most people is from planning ahead of time, and knowing what should happen. That way, you don't cram or miss things altogether. You don't really want to miss that gimmick just because of a paper due tomorrow, do you?

6. Everyone is your friend.

in college, there is really no time for petty fights. Blockmates (your classmates, and possibly, dorm mates) can be valuable allies in times of dire need, and you don't want then betraying you, don't you? Oh, and please remember that the library is not a prison, the librarian is not a dragon and your professors are not cannibals. Just saying.

7.  Always bring essentials. 

For girls, this automatically means the glorious "kikay kit" (er, make up bag), but noooo, those are not essentials! No, they are not important, especially if you do your make up right. Your essentials must be a couple of pens, a notebook, money, your phone, identification card, a towel/handkerchief, a couple of plastic bags and a bottle of H2O. Belive me, that last bit is definitely an essential. You may want to add a tiny can of pepper spray, just in case. Oh, and alright, bring a makeup kit, but please limit yourself. :)

8. Neatness and Orderliness.

Some school paper photojournalists take pictures of just about everything, and you don't want to be their subject, because chances are, you'll see your gaunt, haggard and crazed self immortalized in one of the schoolpaper issues. Yup. That sounds bad.

9. Keep out of trouble.

No matter how angry you are at one person (or how many they may be), never, ever, lash out at them. Most students belong to sororities and fraternities and gangs and you certainly do not want to be their "prospect". Besides, one teeny, tiny stain on your records can be your one way ticket out of the campus. Still, there are limitations. Tell someone you trust (parents, the counselor, professors..) if you feel too alone and too abused.

10. Relax, chill and enjoy.

Yes, college may be a huge pain in the neck, but it could be your best life experience, if you let it be. College isn't just there to teach us facts. It's also there to teach us valuable life lessons that we may have missed in our high school days. Don't get too stressed out, and if you do, take some time off. Go online, paint your nails, watch the latest episode of your favorite tv show. Just be sure to get back to work (and reality) in 15 minutes. Too much is too much! :)

Well, that's that and remember, these are tips, not the ten commandments. Adjust them as you see fit, and remember to trust your parents at all times. They may not be the best parents in the world, but they are the best parents for you.

Good luck. :*



Hugs, Nessa :*

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