I am officially the the class hairstylist.

 I've always been adventurous with my hair, to the point that I've cut my own bangs, trimmed my own layers, and straightened, curled, and waved it. I also put it up different styles!

Now, my classmates have discovered that (well, in a way.)! And I'm kinda the official stylist. LOL. That sounded conceited.

Anyway, here are a few of the styles that I've been doing to myself, and themselves. Enjoy! :*

This is Alissa's hair, which I did a ribboned-braided-ponytail. 

This is my hair (wet) in a classic braided half up do.

another shot...

and another...

This is Mishielle's hair, which she obediently let me put up in pin-curls.

She doesn't want to show her face, unfortunately...

close enough. :P

the finished, unrefined result. Pretty curly eh?

This is Aya's hair. In pin-curls too, but she clipped it up in a half-up do

Finished! Turned out wavier than curlier.

The two pretty ladies. I think they looked beautiful. :*
(Aya and Mishielle)

Now tell me if you want more posts like this, or should I stick to my old ones? Or tutorials? Feedback please, my lovelies.

Hugs, Nessa :*

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