So, I went shopping...

 Here's the deal. My Papa told me that since they've got a new unit, I could like go to their unit and stay there for two days or so (usually weekends)... and I get to shop at my favorite mall, the infamous Mall of Asia! Things like these make me proud that I'm a Filipina.

Anywho, Papa didn't actually give me anything wrapped up and stuff, but he gave my P1,650 in cash and told me that I could buy anything I wanted as long as I didn't burn all of the money in one go. And so I did. :P

First I went to the Department store and checked out their vests and cardigans as I'm trying to build my 'College Wardrobe Must-Haves' before my actual college years. Guess what. The stuff that I would have loved to buy were P500+ and I think that's a bit too pricey for clothes that I can find in stores back home. So I didn't buy those. I also checked out some of the boots (because I really want new pairs, but those too pricey too..). Next I looked at the accesories especially those with the vintage feel and holy moly! P330 for ONE necklace?! Are you kidding me? I could probably get four or five necklaces with that amount in other stores! And so I left those alone. And then finally I went to the makeup section.

And goodness gracious didn't I burn through my moneh.

All in all, I got these beybehs.

The actual bag (which contains other bags. :P)

the products!! *squee*

Sorry bout the flash... Starting from left to right, the polishes are Blue Velvet (Chic, Glaze Collection : PhP 32.00), Black Velvet (Caronia, Regular : PhP 33.25), Sapphire (Caronia, Frosted : PhP 34.75), and Sheer (Bobbie, Salon Edition). Blue Velvet is a dark navy blue color with blue shimmer, Black Velvet is an opaque black polish (not sure if it's matte though), Sapphire is basically a dark cornflower-ish blue with blue and silver shimmer and Sheer is basically just a clear polish that can be used as a top coat and a base coat. I personally haven't tried these polishes out yet, maybe except the Bobbie one (I think I used ton have an emerald green polish with that brand) and I'm pretty excited to try these out as I've been meaning to try out the ombre nails. Originally, I planned to buy like eight shades of blue but I realized that that would be pure stupidity because I can't possibly waste money on nail polishes that are basically just the same color! Yup, so I ended up with four and I'm pretty happy with them. :)


And then these makeup tools from Marionnaud. I swear, these are by far the best brushes I have ever bought in my life. I've tried the Allue ones and I bought the Ever Bilena ones but I seriously adore these. The tools I bought (L-R) are the N34 Concealer brush  (PhP 69.75), 2 sponges in diamond shape for all types of foundation (PhP 69.00), and the N38 Slanted eyeline and eyebrows double side brush (PhP 59.75). The brushes are made from synthethic fibres and they're so soft and really good quality, if I compare them to the ones I previously mentioned. I think I got my money's worth.

Next are these, which are Fashion Eyelashes #02 from Wish (PhP 49.00), Eyeshadow Applicators from Ever Bilena, set of 3 (PhP 45.00), and the 5pcs. Brush Set from Ever Bilena Advance Cosmetics (PhP 140.00). I was surprised by the quality of the lashes.. They felt... well, real. But for the life of moi, I cannot put them on. I gotta practice zat! I usually don't buy Ever Bilena products as I find them too shimmery and glittery most of the time, their sponge applicators are waaaayyy too good to pass up. I just can't get enough of them!


This is what the brush set looks like when opened. (L-R) Blush brush, Blending brush, Lip brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Lash comb and the applicators. I personally don't like the Blending one because it freaking sheds. I mean, seriously? And the blush brush just feels too synthetic. I feel like I wasted my money... Sorry, but these brushes didn't fare well with me.. But I'm still going to use them. Just not gonna buy them again. (Well except for the applicators. I love those.)


I have oily skin and I'm too lazy to wash my face in the evenig especially when I'm so tired and sleepy, that's why I bought these. I've bought the Finess blotting oil sheets (PhP 28.00) quite a few times during the past years and I'm very satisfied with how these blot the oil off my face. The So Soft wet wipes (PhP 32.00).. I've been buying those for a while too but somehow this Peppermint scent one disappointed me.. I was expecting it to be cool and minty and refreshing but its not. It just smells, well, pepperminty. LOL


Now these are quite 'impulsive' buys, and are my first-time buys of every product. That's my very first ELF product, their Regular &Waterproof Mascara Duo (PhP 129.75), Dream Girl Symphony Sparkling Lipstick in Shade 3 (PhP 144.00), and Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Foundation in Honey (PhP 119.00). I haven't tried these out yet, but I'm kinda asking myself bigtime on why I did buy that pink and glittery lipstick because I was looking for a matte one. Goodness, I don't know what got into me. Anyway, I gotta find a way to use that. I will not settle on wasting a hundred bucks for one thing that I'll never use. I'm also wondering why on earth I got the duo, because I think I'm just gonna use the waterproof end because I never use regulars... They tend to smudge on me which is not pretty AT ALL. So yeah.. Good luck to me. :P


First of all, pardon me for making you look that way, but I don't know how to get it up the right on blogger... But anyway, Those are the White Rain Stylist Pack which costs PhP 219.00 on the tag but on the receipt it costs PhP 165.00! I was like, "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!" but hey, I won't complain! That was an effing discount girl! So yeah, I let it go. LOL. The pack contains 5oz. of mousse and 207mL of hairspray in a spray bottle (not an aerosol can, YAY!). I've tried out the hairspray years ago and I've been looking for a mousse for ages, and then BAM! I saw this and I was like, "OMGYAYBOOYAA!". Yup. So I got it. LOL. That little round thingy is a single shadow from Nichido true Colors in the shade Raisin Wine (PhP 68.00)

Swatches (w/ brush, w/ sponge, w/ finger)                           w/o flash                                               w/ flash

I also bought some tights and ribbons and a small pack of glitter but that seems a bit weird.. and you can see it in the first/second pic of this blog post, so yeah.

All in all, I spent PhP 1,555.00... Yup. Booom. 

Anyway, I'm gonna try these out and let you know what I think of them soon.

Hugs, Nessa :*

FTC: I bought all of these with my own money (well, Papa's, but whatever) and I am not affliated with any of these companies.

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