Resolutions and Lookbacks

 So, it's the first day of the year..

I want to say thank you to everyone who followed, commented, read and browsed my blog.. I seriously didn't think that I would have 8 followers in less than a week! Thank you for putting a smile on my face. :*

I hope that I reach 500 by the next New Year's Day. :D

New Year Resolutions:

1. Jog daily, for at least fifteen minutes.
2. Actually go to school on time.
3. Remove all of my makeup before bed.
4. And post blog entries regularly.
5. Complete my "Things to do before I turn sixteen"

I didn't make a lot of resolutions because I'm been known to be the flaky one in terms of resolutions... so I limited them to five. And I'm failing the first one already. Deyyym. :P

What's your resolutions? Tell me!


Now, looking back..

This year is probably one of my best years, not only in terms of fashion and beauty and stuff but in experiences. For one thing, I met friends that actually stuck with through thick and thin, and that's very nice, you know?

And because of that, I dedicated a whole new page for the year 2011. :) Check it out if you want. You won't miss it, I swear. :)

Hugs, Nessa :*


Next up, ELF mascara review. :)

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