Heya People! :)

 A few weeks ago I realized that I could actually write a beauty blog instead of waiting for my camera to be fixed... (I have a beauty channel on youtube and I've been meaning to post videos regularly. Unfortunately, my camera broke.. It won't record a video longer than one minute!)

I went MIA on youtube for a long time until I realized that I can take photos of my outfits and post them via blogger. Besides, it's easier to post blog entries than videos, timewise.. So yeah, here's little me, starting this fashion/beauty blog (but it's gonna be mostly fashion. I don't fare well on beauty stuff. :P)


I guess I should make my first post as my introductory (?) post.. 

My name's Nessa, and I am a high school senior.. (College in a few months. Oh my Jesus. -.-) Not that I'm bragging or anything, but I've always been the stylish one.. Having a fantabulous grandmother (and family in general) helps. I've been dressed as the little doll, the little lady, the little princess, the little everything! Until finally, I got to pick my own outfits. (Let me tell you, those years were tacky.) I've gone from casual to promdi (yes, I went through that stage.), to young lady, to clueless city girl, to poor little rich girl and everything in between. Mainly, the reason is limited clothes. 

That was during my freshman year in high school. (I know, that's awful. Luckily, I moved, so I got a brand new slate. And a closet overhaul. :P) During my sophomore year, that's when I kinda got back into the fashion wagon.. 

But the fashion stuff didn't actually happen until my junior year. That was the year when I really got into the fashion stuff. I discovered youtube, my personal style, and my newfound love for cosmetics. Yup.

When I stepped into senior year, my style kinda went from play-safe and casual to experimental. This was the year when I really threw caution to the wind and wore whatever I wanted. (I also helps that I got a slew of clothes from my aunts. :P) 

Yup. I really feel that this is like, super long and super boring and also super cliffhanger (eh, awkward. XD).

So I'm gonna stop not and bid you good night! (or good morning.. it's 3am here. -.-)

Next post will be about my fashion preferences and stuff and style and yadda. 

Until next post! :D

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