wow, i never expected this much response!! thank you everyone!! well, i need three people... people who can be in charge of FANFICTION, FAN VIDEOS and FAN MANIPS/ART.

  FANFICTION -in charge of keeping links, summaries and answering FF questions. must at least post a FF link once a week.   FAN VIDEOS -in charge of keeping video links and posting links etc. must post at least one video each week.   FAN ART -in charge of overall photos. profile pic, albums, manip contests, etc. must post at least 4 pics a week. please leave your questions below.   chosen admins are gonna be in charge of keeping the page spam free. promo for promo is allowed and not considered spam unless the request is posted for more than 3 times.    HOW TO APPLY:   post a picture (can be yours or a manip/avatar) and then put this in the caption (filled in please)   NAME(page pseudonym; must be potter related): AGE(optional): APPLYING FOR(fan art admin, fanfiction admin or fan video admin): WHY SHOULD YOU BE CHOSEN?(briefly, please):   once you get a comment that says that "YOU ARE NOW ENTERED.", head over to the photos section, look for the album "ADMIN SEARCH (your chosen section here)" and then look for your picture and get as many people as possible to like your photo. The picture with the most likes will be the admin for his/ her chosen section. :)   PLEASE POST YOUR IDEAS BELOW AND FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS. :D

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