INTRO: *projector w/ music*

WHEINA: *enters* Good Morning Philippines! This is Wheina Padilla KARLO: and Karlo reporting the latest WHEINA: and hottest foreign news. KARLO: Today, *insert newspaper clipping* WHEINA: *insert impromptu reaction* for our national news, KARLO: here’s Monica Marron. Monica? *exit Wheina and Karlo* *music while Monica enters after three counts* MONICA: Thank you Karlo and Wheina. Today’s most recent national news is *insert newsclipping* and for our showbiz gossip, let’s head over to Jemert. *exit Monica* *music while J&M enter after 3 counts* JEMERT: Thank you Monica. *insert local showbiz gossip*. Mishielle, what about our international showbiz news? MISHIELLE: The hottest international showbiz gossip is *insert clipping*. JEMERT: That’s bound to wag some tongues huh? MISHIELLE: Definitely. Back to you WHeina. *exit* *enter Wheina and Karlo* WHEINA: Thank you Mishielle and Jemert. Let’s now hear from Janessa Pablo for our Lifestyle Updates. *exit, enter* JANESSA: Thank you Wheina. Now, for our Lifestyle Update.. *insert clipping* Craving for some sports news? Here’s Rainier and Marco. *exit, enter* RAINIER: Yup, and we have a special treat for everyone today! We have an exclusive one-on-one interview with Marco, one of the AZKALS players. *insert interview* *insert weather* *infomercial* *extro*

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