The end of the world...

What did I do wrong? What am I doing wrong? Can someone please tell me? Can someone please point out to me what I am doing wrong? I kept quiet, stayed out of the way, rarely made myself be the center of attention. I haven't done anything out of line. Why am I involved with this? I have nothing to do with it! I haven't done anything wrong! I told myself that I will change myself, but the whole summer passed and I haven't done anything. I'm so useless.

Tomorrow is the end of the world they say, well, not the real end of the world, it's what they call the rapture. Where God's chosen ones ascend to heaven. And then five months of suffering for the others. I'm pretty sure I'll be with the ones who will suffer. After all, aren't I the one who ruined a lot of lives the moment I was conceived?

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