My First Day of School Must Wear

I study in a you-must-wear-a-uniform-whether-you-like-it-or-not school. So basically I can't rock this look on my first day as a senior. Pfft. But I could, I would wear this. It's comfortable and immediately gives a statement. I mean, just look at that shirt! And that boots! And that little cassette pendant! Okay, dokey, enough squealing.

As I was saying, this is more or less my perfect first day of school outfit. There's comfort, style, and statement. What else can you ask for? For me, an outfit with those three gets an automatic check.

For me, these should be the basic components of a first day of school outfit.

  • a comfy shirt that does not break the dress code
  • some denim (jeans, shorts, skirts, vests, whatev...)
  • a big, spacious bag (maybe not that big, but still spacious. and versatile! and sturdy!)
  • some cute accessories that you can use to start conversations
  • comfy flats that you can run uber fast in (FLATS, people, FLATS. no matter how comfy your heels are, it's better to use flats. :D)
  • and of course, a killer smile and hefty amount of confidence.
With all of that it hand, I'm ready to go and walk the hallways! After all, school's my runway! LOL.

This outfit a little bit daring or a little bit not your style? No worries! You can always dress this down by these steps.

  • use regular gladiator flats instead of the boot-style ones.
  • wear jeans
  • use a more fitted shirt
  • stock up on the necklaces and use a simple colored shirt.

So, that's it, and thank you so much for reading! :)

Picture is from my account. LINKY LINKY LINK LINK.

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