Finally. Another Post.

 I need to get this out like real quick...

I feel like my life is returning to its normal state, when I can shop whenever I want and get money whenever I want and get new stuff all the time etc... *sigh* maybe that's why I'm so excited for the school year to start... because of the stuff and things like that..

also, maybe another reason for that is because once

-random: chatting with gerardo @ 1:45am. he's asking for a birthday gift. lol wutt? now I have to think of a gift. Hmm..-

okay back to the blog.

once the end of the month hits, it's time for the Youth Camp which I am soo excited about because it's 3days2nights away from home and only with like a handful of friends and totally new people. For me that's thrilling. Deal with it. :P


ayan. ol na po. :P
la magawa eh
7 pm nq nagcng d ako makatulog xD
astg ka naman..
7pm? XD
5 am gumcng ako tumakbo kami for a cause
3 km
tapos nakauwi ako 7 am
tas natulog na ako
then 7 pm na ako nagcng :D
aah.. san ba un? di ko nabalitaan un ah
7-7. naks
7-7 ??
7am umuwi ka tapos natulog ka tapos 7pm na gcng mo
ah oo
kelan enrollan at pasukan?
ewan lng
regalo ko ha :)
ah ganon. ano namang regalo? :P
kahit ano.. basta meron :D
ganun.. eh pag iisipin mo pa ko eh. XD
hmm.. kahit ano :D wag kn mag icp kahit candy lng :D
wagas ka naman... basta may regalo eh. :P
cge try ko..
okey :D
wala ka pang balak matulog nian?
wala pa
mayang 3 cguro
ikaw b ?
mamaya pa.. may hinihintay ako eh

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