Little White Girl | Fabula ex Nox noctis Visum

In my school, we have a lot of buildings... We even have four provinces, for each year level. (I'm a high school girl. :P)

The oldest building was the main building, built in the late 1940's. But it's still there, as strong and as mighty a newly constructed building can be.

But that doesn't seem like a scary or creepy story right? (Well, well, well, there goes the mystery. Yup. This blog will be about my visions and all the other things I see, imagine, dream or whatsoever. But only creepy stuff. Okay, okay, on with the post! :P)

A few years ago, my friends and I were chilling out by the flagpole at around 8pm (our parents were having the so-called Lord's Day and we were too bored to stay around the adults. :P), talking about various things such as anime and ghost stories.

Well anyway, my friend, (let's name him Kachu) Kachu, saw something by the Principal's office. I looked around and saw it too. It was a girl in a white dress with wild dark hair. A few minutes later it was gone. Our other friend, (let's call her Jean) Jean, saw the same girl a few hours later.

Up to this day, we don't know if we did see that girl or if it was just a trick of lighting or whatever. We haven't seen the entity or apparition again.


I know she's still there, waiting...

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