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Let's Chase That Dream Potterite

This post will seem really, really selfish. 

My birthday's in 5 days, and I have written a lot (20 or more, not sure) of songs in a span of two years or so. I just watched Taylor Swift's Career review and how she got into the music biz. You guessed right.

I'm gonna follow for footsteps and chase my own dream of being a record artist.

Music isn't really my number one goal in life, but there's a certain flame for it. I mean, come on. I wanna be a  doctor or a movie director someday. But hey, who said that you can't be a Ph.D. with a record deal? (and a book, if fate agrees with me. :P) And yes, I'm searching the net for how-tos. 

What actually fueled this dream? To tell the truth, I don't know. Seriousleh. But I'm gonna be fiften in five days and I'm determined to do this. Whatever it takes. If it fails, I've got Youtube. :P

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