HEY STEPHEN I know we're only FIFTEEN but I can't BREATHE cause I had THE BEST DAY with you, this is a HAUNTED and ENCHANTED LOVE STORY and YOU BELONG WITH ME. TELL ME WHY YOU'RE NOT SORRY, you SHOULD'VE SAID NO. I thought it was FOREVER AND ALWAYS but things CHANGE and now you're just a PICTURE TO BURN. THE WAY I LOVED YOU was FEARLESS, but now I'm on THE OUTSIDE and you're the TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR. someday I'll tell the STORY OF US and wonder why you're MEAN even though we were TIED TOGETHER WITH A SMILE. i'll always remember OUR SONG even though i'll be INVISIBLE and UNTOUCHABLE in your eyes I'D LIE about knowing things BETTER THAN REVENGE.


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