• waited for a few people by the school's main gate
  • went to my room
  • went to the conference room to watch my niece, Ana. (not really-the niece part. :P)
  • went with Gerardo to the Chemistry Exhibit
  • played with chemicals with Gerardo
  • poured chemical-loaded water on the grass with Gerardo
  • played some more with chemicals
  • went to other exhibits with who else, Gerardo!
  • bought some halo-halo (I treated Gerardo)
  • went back to the C.E.

Dang it. I watched a music video and all my thoughts flew out of the window.

  • made some students go wow
  • lalalalalalala (skip this part)
  • explained the experiments to a teacher (very well done! YAY!)
  • soundtrip w/ Claire
  • and went home with Gerardo's guitar.
Now, you ask, why bring home his guitar?!

Because I want to and I'm too lazy to walk back to Eurynome just to bring back his guitar. :P

Hell yes. Next up, who the hell is this Gerardo boy. :P

Until next time!

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