School Politics

 Keeping my life on pins and needles.

  I've always been involved in school politics.    When I was in first year, I was nominated as Class President and 1st year Governess, lost them both, but heyy. I was noob. :O   Second year, I was nominated as Class president and as SSC P.R.O. I lost. Didn't really expect to win, since I was against much more influential people.   AND NOW, on my third year,  I've been elected as Class president, and now thinking about running as SSG president.   The matter is, I'm against a close friend, most of the best candidates are already whisked away and there's basically no chance of winning, no matter how optimistic I am.   And it's fcking up my life.   I've never been this agitated about school politics MY WHOLE LIFE. Friendship and School Politics never ever mixes well. And I'm kinda hating it.    But I really, really, really want this position. And I've made an offer, that I'm backing out [and letting go of two friends] if he makes me his vice president. And the jury's out.   Result? I'm on the edge of world.    One step back is safety, one step onward is death.    But I'm a daredevil, and I'm not moving.   What to do, what to do?!   Merlin, I'm having a bloody headache.

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